WHAT CAN WE EXPECT IN OUR WEEKLY BOXES? Our CSA season starts in May and ends in November. We're known for our salad mix and you can count on it for as much of the season as we can. It's bouncy and crunchy and sweet and abundant in color. The box has a ton else of rotating seasonal treats too; Spring is filled with cooler month treasures like sweet and snappy broccolini, cabbages and leafy green kale. You can also expect tender head lettuces, herbs, the sweetest little carrots you ever did have and other Springtime roots with zing like sweet salad turnips and crunchy zesty radishes. Summer brings on zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and peppers as well as all our finest salad makings; cucumbers, lettuces, herbs and green onion. With the return of Fall, winter squash, garlic, the long awaited return of our broccolini, herbs, chards and more. 

WHERE AND WHEN TO PICK-UP? Pickup is here at the farm, 1175 Alpine Way in Colfax. We will offer improved traffic flow and the same easy and contactless pickups as always. You can expect Tuesday pickup between 3PM and 7PM.